In Esperance, students from years 7 to 12 from Esperance Senior High School participate in the Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success program. Royalties for Regions and the Education Department of WA have supported the programs in Esperance since 2013.

Over the horizon

At ‘Over the Horizon’ this year, Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success student Grace Fletcher was invited by Donna Gibson: Esperance Horizon Power Retail and Community Manager to meet Tony McGrath, Regional Manager, Virgin Australia.

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Grace Fletcher

Students give up Holidays to study

Two students from Esperance have flouted traditional school holiday activities by attending an Indigenous Science Camp in Perth. Zachery Cahill and Niamh Moya joined other year 9 and 10 students from around the state to take part in activities at the University of WA.

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2013 Regional Achievement and Community Awards Finalist

Follow the Dream Partnership for Success – Esperance Senior High School was announced as a finalist in the prestigious Department of Aboriginal Affairs Indigenous Service Award at the 2013 Regional Achievement and Community Awards on Friday night 18th October at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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