Lockridge students receive a Letter of Thanks

The Lockridge Follow The Dream/Partnerships for Success Co-ordinator received a letter  from Bayswater Primary School Principal Steve Hovitch thanking the students for their attendance at the primary school to perform and conduct a workshop. The Lockridge students were notably praised both for their outstanding performance and the manner in which they conducted themselves.


Dear Anne

On behalf of our school community I would like to thank you for allowing Libby and Dennis to bring their talented group of students to join us this morning.

We regularly and often hold community building events such as what happened this morning to build for all of us a greater understanding of what it’s like to be part of a diverse and special world. Many of these events are well received and leave us with something to add to our collective experiences.

But today, was not one of those events.

It was something else, it was an up lifting experience that we collectively have agreed we haven’t been part of at our school before. The dancing was brilliant the didge was great, Dennis’s cajoling and friendly encouragement to be part of the dancing and fun was outstanding.

But, all of that while fantastic, is all but overshadowed by the general demeanour, poise, pride and identity that the boys effortlessly exhibited whether dancing or interacting with our parents, staff and kids. Really, what we saw wasn’t just a performance, it was a group of fantastic people sharing what they believe in and would like others to believe about them.

It was our good fortune and privilege to be part of the ceremony this morning, it is something many of us will remember for a lifetime. We sincerely thank them for that!

As well, for the first time that anyone could remember, the boys received a standing ovation from a group of parents as they left the “stage”.

This was amplified by one of the parent e-mails to the school, “Many thanks for a wonderful experience for the children and parents”.

On behalf of our parents, staff and students please pass on our sincere thanks to Libby, Dennis and the boys, not only for their performance, but also for kindly taking the time to run a dance workshop for our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students, which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Steve Hovitch
Principal, Bayswater Primary School
20 June 2014


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