New educational programs launched in Alice Springs

Founder and current Graham Polly Farmer Foundation Vice President The Hon. Fred Chaney officially launched an exciting series of new educational programs for Indigenous youth in Alice Springs in May.

With funding from the Commonwealth Government and Centacorp, the existing Follow the Dream/Partnership for Success Program was expanded to include Maths and Science Centres of Excellence for Years 4-6 students and two after school Learning Clubs for primary students.

CEO Neil Jarvis said the Maths and Science Centre of Excellence was hosted by Centralian Middle School and was available to aspirant students from Larapinta, Bradshaw, Gillen and Sadadeen Primary Schools.

“The program is giving younger students the opportunity to further explore their interests by providing interactive and engaging maths and science experiences that are designed to improve their learning outcomes, with particular focus on extending their numeracy and science achievement levels,” he said.

The after school Learning Clubs are hosted by Bradshaw and Gillen Primary Schools and are open to students from Larapinta, Bradshaw, Gillen, Braitlingand Sadadeen Primary Schools.

“The Learning Clubs, which operate twice a week for 1.5 hours, have been specifically tailored to enhance numeracy and literacy skills along with the related educational and personal development activities of the students from these schools.”

The introduction of these new programs in Alice Springs will support the educational journey of students from primary school through to high school graduation, providing them with the skills and support they need to succeed academically.