Service with a smile

bankers-at-work-KatanningIf you’ve been in town doing your banking lately then the chances are you may have been served by one of our friendly Follow the Dream students.

There are three Katanning senior High School students who are currently participating in School Based Traineeships. Kaitlin Eades has been working at the Commonwealth Bank since last year and is really enjoying her time there. She has even been away to courses and worked extra hours in her school holidays because she enjoys it so much.

Like Kaitlin, Kassidy Fulmer is also in her second year; however she is placed at the ANZ. Kassidy loves her work and is hoping to gain full time employment there in 2015 after she has completed Year 12. Kassidy’s work colleagues think so highly of her that they all came to the Senior School Ball to watch her being presented.

The newest traineeship has been taken up by Boyd Woods at the NAB. Boyd was pleased at how quickly the ladies at NAB let him learn things and was surprised at how much he was allowed to do. It didn’t take long before Boyd was serving at the counter without assistance and he really enjoys being able to learn, outside of the regular school environment.