Students give up Holidays to study

Two students from Esperance have flouted traditional school holiday activities by attending an Indigenous Science Camp in Perth. Zachery Cahill and Niamh Moya joined other year 9 and 10 students from around the state to take part in activities at the University of WA.

“We’re looking around at all these science opportunities to study when we go to university,” Zachery said. “I’ve always wanted to do engineering and seeing as that was part of the camp I thought ‘why not?’. It’s really worth it, it is really fun, it’s so interesting and I loved it.”

Niamh said hanging out with other Indigenous students from around the state was a highlight.

“It’s so cool because we’re all quite similar and we all have a desire to learn and we have similar qualities and get along so well,” she said. “I think it’s about showing us what we can do, what we have the opportunity to do.When people think of science they think of physics and chemistry, but it’s so much more than that, there’s human biology and all sorts of other interesting things.”