Broome students commit to their education journey


Broome Aboriginal parents and caregivers gathered recently at the Broome Surf Lifesaving Club to commit to supporting their children on their educational journey through high school.

More than 90 people, including the year seven and eight students, their families, representatives from St Mary’s Secondary College, Broome Senior High School, The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation, Catholic Education WA and industry supporter the Browse FLNG Development, attended the event to participate in the signing of the Walarba Bugarri ‘Compact’ Agreement.

Broome Senior High School Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success co-coordinator Tim Gray said the program was designed to support Aboriginal students at school and required strong commitment from the selected students, their families and the schools if they were to succeed.

“The Agreement requires students and family members to sign documentation which outlines the responsibilities of the student and the parent or caregiver,” Mr Gray said.

St Mary’s Secondary College Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success co-coordinator Paul Woodbridge said students committed to things like attending school every day, studying for tests, completing all homework and assignments, attending the Enrichment Centre and being a positive role model for other students.

“Among other things, the parents and caregivers are expected to ensure the students attend school and encourage their child to succeed at school,” Mr Woodbridge said.

There are currently 110 Aboriginal students participating in the Broome Walarba Bugarri Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success program with 27 students aiming to graduate from Year 12 this year.

The program has been supported by The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation, Browse FLNG Development, Catholic Education Commission of WA and the Western Australia Education Department since 2011.

Broome SHS program co-ordinator Tim Gray M: 0417 992 571
St Mary’s program co-ordinator Paul Woodbridge M: 0409 430 702

1. BSHS students 1: Quentin Turner (BSHS); Lorna Isaac ; Preveen Mourambine (BSHS); Malika Mourambine (BSHS); Joelene Isaac
2. BSHS students with Douglas Mitchell and Lorna Isaac: Lorna Issac; Douglas Mitchell ; Hana Graham (BSHS); Jessica Henshaw (BSHS); Qaiyum Bin Omar (BSHS); Quentin Turner (BSHS)
3. St Mary’s students: Tahnee Hastie (Year 8) with family (Helen Howard, Graham Hastie and sister Teagan

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