Parents get a glimpse into the world of maths and science at Wickham

Wickham Primary School Yesr six student Aaralyn Ugle with her Auntie Amorett and niece

Earthworms under digital microscopes and Multiplication War games greeted parents who attended the Wickham Maths and Science Centre for Excellence Compact Signing last week.

The Wickham Maths and Science Centre of Excellence, located at Wickham Primary School, is managed by the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation and supported by Rio Tinto and the School. It provides Years 4 – 6 Aboriginal students, who demonstrate aptitude and interest in mathematics and science, an opportunity to excel in these learning areas and choose future science, technology and mathematics learning pathways.

Project co-ordinator Melissa Reimers said the Compact Signing ceremony was important as it involved a commitment and outlined the responsibilities of all parties including participating students, their parents and caregivers, the school, Foundation and Rio Tinto.

Mrs Reimers said the ceremony also provided an opportunity for parents to come to the school and see what their children were learning and achieving.

“Students and their families participated in a number of math and science activities, including exploring earth worms with digital microscopes, competing with their parents or caregivers in a Multiplication War game and the Times Table challenge,” she said. “Students also showed their parents or caregivers, with pride, their Garden Project that they have been working on with their team.”

“Feedback from the parents was fantastic and some have offered to come along to help out in any way that they can. Many expressed how pleased they are that their child is part of this program and they have noticed positive changes in the areas of maths, science and their motivation for learning.

“It was rewarding to see the pride that the students had when showing their parents or caregivers their achievements and on the flipside, it was delightful to see the show of support from the 14 parents and caregivers who attended the event,” Ms Reimers said.

Rio Tinto provides annual funding for the Wickham Centre and Lotterywest funded the equipment and resources for the set up of the Centre.


Wickham Maths and Science Centre of Excellence co-ordinator Melissa Reimers
M: 0412 292 224

Photo: Wickham Primary School Year six student Aaralyn Ugle with her Auntie Amorett and niece.

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