Community Support

The involvement of parents, caregivers, older siblings and the extended community is essential to the success of the Foundation’s programs. This support manifests in different ways including community members mentoring, helping at the school or supporting the students with their extracurricular activities.

Aboriginal Corporations

The Foundation currently receives support from four Aboriginal Corporations:

  • The Centrecorp Foundation (Northern Territory)
  • Gumala Aboriginal Corporation (Western Australia)
  • Yinhawangka Charitable Trust (Western Australia)
  • Olympic Dam Aboriginal Community Trust (South Australia)

Centrecorp Foundation

The Goals of the Centrecorp Foundation are:centercorp

  • To provide benevolent relief to young Aboriginal people whose aspirations and capabilities are constrained by disadvantaged circumstances.
  • To enhance the capacities of Aboriginal people to participate fully in vocational, professional, commercial, cultural and social life

The Centrecorp Foundation maintains a primary focus on education, providing assistance to youths from disadvantaged families who might otherwise be unable to pursue their aspirations and abilities at school, TAFE or university. We recognise that many of our local aboriginal students have the ability to pursue a tertiary education but require assistance from organisations like the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation to realise their potential. We have been a major funder of the Alice Springs Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success Program in Alice Springs since 2006.

Randle Walker
CEO, Centrecorp Aboriginal Investment Corporation


Kununurra local Traditional Owner Kia Dowell has been a mentor in the program and speaks about the importance of local Aboriginal people helping out each other in the community.

Kia Dowell

Kia’s motivation for being a mentor in the program and the rewards it has brought her

Balancing keeping culture and taking a place in mainstream society

Trust and its role in establishing rapport with the kids

Kia’s amazing journey