Our vision is for all Aboriginal Australians to have an enriching and successful education and a wide range of career and life choices.

Since inception in 1994, the Foundation has been committed to a strengths-based approach, supporting students who have the potential to succeed and who have the support of their family/carers. Our academic enrichment programs empower Aboriginal students to complete school and move into successful post-school pathways, including university, direct employment, apprenticeships, traineeships and technical training.

"Being part of the program is like having a second family - I feel a sense of belonging and identity. I am encouraged to aim high and achieve my very best." 

Academic enrichment is at the heart of all our primary and secondary programs, with mentoring, specialist tuition, leadership, resilience, cultural celebrations and career pathway planning provided to each and every student. Our programs are voluntary and held after-school, with students choosing to focus on their education and pursue their goals.

  • Individualised academic plans 
  • Well-being support and care
  • After-school subject tutoring 
  • Aspiration and career planning
  • Leadership and personal development 
  • Career and cultural camps
  • University experiences
  • Industry and workplace excursions 
  • Connections to potential employers and networks
  • Celebration of cultural connections

"Thanks to the program, my daughter has truly became a confident young woman and a passionate advocate for honouring the legacy of people before that paved the way for the opportunities she has today. Her confidence as a leader has greatly improved and her determination to achieve her goals is fantastic." 

Our alumni network is extensive and includes many individuals who have not only achieved great success in their chosen fields but are also proud, positive role models for their families and communities. Our graduates are represented across a range of areas including law, the arts, education, mining, medical, financial, sciences, engineering, teaching, technical, trades, community, corporate and many other vocations.

The Foundation has operated successfully for 25 years and built long-term, trusted relationships with families, schools, communities, government and private enterprise.

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