Alice Springs STEM Centre

The Alice Springs STEM Centre - also known locally as the Maths & Science Centre of Excellence - provides interactive and engaging maths and science experiences designed to improve student learning outcomes, in particular, to extend numeracy and science achievement levels.

Students from six local primary schools in Alice Springs attend the Centre based at Centralian Middle School twice a week where they are challenged with a range of maths activities and visit the school science laboratories to conduct hands-on experiments. 

A broad range of areas, including food chemistry, robotics, coding, environmental science, biology and astronomy are covered in order to extend and enrich student competencies. 

Excursions to local science venues, such as Desert Park, the local gorges and Earth Sanctuary, are also a feature of the program. Aboriginal perspectives are regularly incorporated in the learning activities to broaden student cultural understanding.

The Australian Government’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy proudly supports the Alice Springs Maths & Science program.

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Interested in joining the program?

Please contact Centralian Middle School on (08) 8955 2333

Location Partners

National Indigenous Australians Agency