Carnarvon Follow The Dream

The Carnarvon Follow the Dream Partnership for Success (FTDPFS) Centre was established in 2005 in partnership with Rio Tinto Dampier Salt Limited and the Department of Education Western Australia. The program provides a “home” to 22 FTDPFS students at Carnarvon Community College.

Here, students access tutor support, cross-curricular enrichment, NAPLAN and OLNA specific preparation, career counselling, and access to computers to work on homework assignments or to prepare for upcoming tests. Students have access to five different classrooms, tutors with a vast array of expertise, and afternoon tea.

The Program Coordinator not only provides individualised support and mentoring, but also creates opportunities for the students such as work place visits, University and TAFE visit and educational and cultural camps, which help promote positive self-identity and self-pride.

Rio Tinto Dampier Salt Limited also provide students with local traineeships and apprenticeships which assists with their post-school employment and qualifications.

Interested in joining the program?

Please contact Carnarvon Community College on 08 9941 6000 

Location Partners

Department of Education Western Australia
Rio Tinto

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