Follow the Dream programs support students who aspire to successfully complete their secondary schooling, show aptitude for learning, and demonstrate a positive approach towards education.

Academic enrichment lies at the heart of the program, with each student offered literacy & numeracy support, specialist tutoring, personalised learning plans, one-on-one mentoring, and practical experience.

Throughout the academic year, students also engage in a range of extra-curricular activities that broaden their horizons, build resilience, develop confidence and promote cultural pride. 

The program introduces students to a wealth of experiences, opens their eyes to a huge range of post-school pathways, and encourages them to dream big. Students who are part of the 'Follow the Dream Family' gain a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Not only do they embark on a positive post-school pathway, but they emerge as strong role models for their peers, siblings and wider community.

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What does Follow The Dream offer?

Globe.svg Specialist tutoring
Globe.svg One-on-one mentoring
Globe.svg Literacy & numeracy enrichment
Globe.svg Personalised learning plans
Globe.svg Career camps
Globe.svg University tours
Globe.svg Once-in-a-lifetime excursions
Globe.svg Workplace visits Internships, work experience & vac work
Globe.svg Awards & Scholarships
Globe.svg Leadership days
Globe.svg Inspirational speakers
Globe.svg Cultural experiences & celebrations
Globe.svg Emotional & well being support
Globe.svg Life-long membership of our Alumni Network

How do I enrol in a Follow the Dream program?

  • Check out our locations map and list below to see if there is a Follow the Dream program in your area
  • Contact the host school who will connect you with the dedicated Program Coordinator who manages the program and liaises with parents/carers
  • Not in your area? Chat to your school about inviting the Foundation to set up a Follow the Dream program so Indigenous students in the area can benefit from the fantastic opportunities on offer
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Current Follow The Dream locations

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