Learning Clubs are voluntary after-school enrichment programs that support Aboriginal pupils in their primary school years (Years 1 - 6)

The programs encourage enthusiasm for learning, improve literacy and numeracy skills, enhance school attendance, and celebrate culture and heritage.

As well as contributing towards improved attendance and academic achievement, the programs enhance the self-management, social skills and resilience of participating students.

The program also builds a strong foundation for students as they transition into secondary school and onto a Follow the Dream program.

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How to enrol in a Learning Club?

  • Check out our locations map and list below to see if there is a Learning Club in your area
  • Contact the host school who will connect you with the dedicated Program Coordinator who manages the Club and liaises with parents/carers
  • Chat to your school about inviting the Foundation to discuss what is involved in setting up a Learning Club
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Current Learning Club locations

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