Living the Dream 

Our alumni network, ‘Living the Dream’ is extensive and comprises ex-students who have participated in the Foundation's 'Follow the Dream' programs over the past 25 years. Alumni are spread across the country and are represented in a diverse range of vocational fields and workplaces including law, arts, education, mining, medical, financial, sciences, technical, trades, community,  corporate and small business. Our alumni provide an inspiration for students currently involved in our programs and are proud and positive leaders for their families and communities. The ‘Living the Dream’ initiative was officially launched in 2019 and aims to bring together this incredibly talented and diverse group of people to build lifelong connections.

'Living the Dream' provides opportunities for alumni to:

  • Stay connected with peers
  • Support their local program by working as a Follow The Dream tutor or mentor 
  • Hear and share alumni stories
  • Attend alumni events
  • Keep in touch with the Foundation and hear about important milestones
  • Gain access to mentoring and personal and professional development 
  • Learn about career opportunities and job openings.

Alumni wishing to sign up to 'Living the Dream', please visit here.