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The STEM Centres (sometimes known locally as Maths & Science Centres of Excellence) improve learning outcomes of students who demonstrate interest and aptitude in Maths, Science, Technology and Engineering.

The voluntary after-school programs provide practical, hands-on learning experiences, with a wide range of interactive activities and experiments. Students also have the opportunity to access online materials and digital apps, learning how to program and code. 

The program can also offer a fantastic STEM Camp where students travel to an exciting location in Australia to take part in fun activities, excursions, tours and workshops. These camps give students insight into a huge range of STEM related careers and further education opportunities, opening their eyes to potential post-school pathways.

The STEM Centres play a key role in preparing students as they transition into secondary school maths and science streams, as well as into a Follow the Dream program.

The skills developed at the Centres encourage students to remain engaged and enthusiastic about science and maths subjects throughout their school journey, which in turn helps broaden their horizons in a world of work where employers are increasingly looking for STEM skills.

How to enrol in a STEM Centre

  • Check out our locations map and list below to see if there is a STEM Centre in your area
  • Contact the host school who will connect you with the dedicated Program Coordinator who manages the Centre and liaises with parents/carers
  • Not in your area? Chat to your school about inviting the Foundation to set up a STEM Centre so Indigenous students in the area can get involved with exciting experiments and excursions

Current STEM Centre locations

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