Geraldton Follow The Dream

The Geraldton Follow the Dream program, established in 2013, is delivered across two campuses: John Willcock College (the host school) and Geraldton Senior College (an outreach school).

A dedicated team of specialist tutors and AIEOs (Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers), along with the Program Coordinator, provides an environment that motivates students to engage, learn, work effectively, and achieve their potential at school and in life.

The Geraldton program offers targeted enrichment support for academic endeavours, cultural strength and STEM engagement. 



The program takes advantage of the many opportunities and resources available within the Midwest and surrounding areas.

Thanks to connections with many exceptional partners, including the WA Department of Education, students enjoy a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that increase their awareness of real post-school choices and options, including excursions to WA universities, presentations from guest speakers, science fairs, and culture camps.

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Interested in joining the program?

Please contact John Willcock College on (08) 9965 8300

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