Mount Lawley Follow The Dream

Mount Lawley Follow The Dream is an outreach program that caters for students at Mount Lawley Senior High School and a number of other schools in the area.

The program offers each student individualised support and learning plans to lift academic performance, develop study habits and encourage pride in educational success. 

Custom-picked to match student needs, the specialist tutors provide a range of bespoke academic support and career guidance. 

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The annual Reconciliation Camp is a key feature in the Mount Lawley Follow The Dream calendar and is a fantastic celebration of the students' cultural ties.

Close links with the Aboriginal community - through activities such as Reconciliation Walks and The South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council’s Land Rights Young Leaders Forum - help students to explore their culture.


The program embraces the importance of creating strong connections with students and families.

The Program Coordinator meets with each student and his/her family at least once a term to provide feedback and advice on academic progress, attendance, well-being and mental health. With the right amount of support and encouragement from teachers, families and the community, students' potential can be nurtured and woven into the fabric of a bright future. 

The program was established in 2013 and is proudly supported by BHP and the WA Department of Education.

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Interested in joining the program?

Please contact Mount Lawley Senior High School on (08) 9471 0300

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