Hedland Follow The Dream

In 2001, the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation brought together BHP, The Department of Education WA and the Hedland school community to establish a Follow The Dream program.

The program's primary aim is to support aspiring students to reach their potential through increasing school attendance, lifting overall academic performance, and improving graduation rates.

Approximately 60 students from Hedland Senior High School in Years 7 -12 participate in the Follow The Dream program, which is delivered on-site in a dedicated classroom. Participants have access to support from tutors with a wide range of expertise who engage and extend students in both their studies and life goals.

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In addition to specialist tutoring, a range of extra activities are offered, including resilience training, art and music programs, advanced MESH programs (Maths, English, Science and Humanities), cultural camps and career excursions. 

Students are encouraged to identify their strengths and extend themselves in those areas by accessing tutors and other resources. They are also encouraged to support their peers and represent Follow the Dream positively within the community.    

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The program takes advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the Pilbara, the unique natural environment, the infrastructure, and services associated with Hedland’s role as a major regional centre.

With close links to some the world’s largest resource projects, students are introduced to a diverse range of future career opportunities in the Pilbara and across Australia.

BHP and the Western Australian Department of Education have been proud supporters of the Hedland Follow The Dream program since 2003.

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Interested in joining the program?

Please contact Hedland Senior High School on (08) 9172 8000

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