Hedland Learning Clubs

Hedland has a range of programs for both primary and secondary level students, with pathways for aspiring students throughout their educational journey. 

Primary School students have access to three Learning Clubs at Cassia, Baler and South Hedland primary schools, and to the Hedland STEM Centre at South Hedland Primary School, while secondary students have the opportunity to join the Hedland Follow The Dream program at Hedland Senior High School.

Learning Clubs are hosted two afternoons per week at three South Hedland primary schools: Baler, Cassia and South Hedland. The programs provide cross-curricular enrichment and targeted language and mathematics learning for pupils in Years 1 - 6.  All three Learning Clubs were established in 2016 and are proudly supported by BHP.

Cassia Learning Club

The Cassia Learning Club caters for approximately 35 Indigenous students from Year 1 to 6 and is held two afternoons per week in a multipurpose resource room. After a healthy afternoon snack, students engage in after-school study time and project-based learning to support and encourage increased engagement and participation in their educational journey.

The Program Coordinator regularly liaises with classroom teachers regarding attendance, behaviour and engagement, developing individualised strategies to encourage each and every child to achieve success.

Students enrolled in the program are supported and encouraged by enthusiastic, experienced teachers and para-professionals who create a positive school culture and provide enriched educational pathways.

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Baler Learning Club

The Baler Learning Club is hosted at Baler Primary School in a relaxed working space that gives students the opportunity to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, access enrichment activities, and be creative. Students from Years 1 - 6 attend the Learning Club twice a week after school.

The program focuses on cross-curricular activities that support and develop students’ knowledge in literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). Learning Club sessions open with a healthy afternoon tea, kindly provided by the school canteen, followed by study groups where students have specialist tutoring to focus extensively on reading fluency and reading comprehension.

Dedicated tutors also provide targeted support for each individual student based on consultations that the Program Coordinator regularly holds with classroom teachers to identify areas of need that can be addressed through regular practice and appropriate intervention.

Baler Learning Centre 2020

South Hedland Learning Club

The South Hedland Learning Club provides students in Years 1 – 6 with opportunities to be involved in a range of numeracy, literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities in a secure and supportive environment. There is a particular focus on literacy and numeracy skill development, with students working together to solve problems and challenges. The emphasis on teamwork helps children to become more confident and resilient.

Approximately 30 students regularly attend the South Hedland Learning Club on two afternoons per week after school. The program operates from a dedicated classroom in the school, providing a welcoming and enriching space. The program is supported by a group of teaching and support staff from the school who help students develop positive life-long study habits and an appetite for learning.

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Interested in joining one of the Learning Clubs?

Please contact Cassia Primary School on 08 9172 8500, Baler Primary School on (08) 9172 8400, and South Hedland Primary School on (08) 9172 7272

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