Hedland STEM Centre

Hedland has a range of programs for both primary and secondary level students, with pathways for aspiring students throughout their educational journey.

Primary School students have access to Learning Clubs at Cassia, Baler and South Hedland primary schools, and to the STEM Centre at South Hedland Primary School, while secondary students have the opportunity to join the Hedland Follow The Dream program at Hedland Senior High School.

Hedland STEM Centre

The Hedland Maths & Science Centre of Excellence was established in 2012 and is proudly supported by BHP. Approximately 30 students from 5 Hedland primary schools attend 2 afternoons a week at the dedicated centre at South Hedland Primary School.

The program is designed to increase the number of Aboriginal students who have the skills and knowledge in mathematics and science to choose pathways into STEM careers. Positions on the program are offered to students who demonstrate aptitude, interest and potential in maths, science and/or technology areas.

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Students engage in a rich variety of interactive and informative science and maths based activities and resources.

They engage in problem solving and collaborative tasks, and have access to online learning activities using the centre’s laptop computers. Students also use the school’s science laboratory for experiments and ‘hands on’ activities. LEGO Robotics programming and Microbit coding are two of the many engaging and challenging projects that the Centre focuses on.

The program also features regular visits from scientists and professionals from a range of relevant vocations who work in local industries.

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