Newman Learning Club

The Newman Learning Club supports Aboriginal primary school students from Newman Primary School and South Newman Primary School.

The after-school program focuses on developing core literacy and numeracy skills that complement in-school programs so that Club members succeed in their learning and fully participate in school. Every session includes reading practices and experiences to expand language knowledge and to encourage children to develop a love of books.

At the Learning Club, the students have the opportunity to develop social and leadership skills by interacting and mentoring each other. The Club always celebrates student achievements and creates a sense of community by helping students develop practical skills together, such as gardening and cooking.

The Club welcomes parents and caregivers, encouraging them to value education as a means of creating an independent future for their children.

Interested in joining the program?

Please contact Newman Primary School on (08) 9175 1352 and South Newman Primary School on (08) 9175 1061

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