North Tom Price Learning Club

North Tom Price Learning Club has approximately 50 students from Years 1 to Year 6 enrolled in the program, which runs after school every Monday and Thursday afternoon. 

The Learning Club prides itself on providing students encouragement and assistance with literacy and numeracy skills in a fun, hands-on and supportive way.

In order to promote independence, students are given engaging tasks to work on at their own pace. During the sessions, students rotate round a number of specialist tutors who help them complete their tasks. We encourage conversation and confidence, which in turn helps students to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills.


The Learning Club regularly invites a range of guest speakers who teach and promote Indigenous culture, which helps to build a sense of pride by encouraging students to recognise and celebrate their ancestral roots.

The Club’s links with the school increases student in-school attendance and helps form stronger connections between students, staff and the wider community.

The After School Leaning Club at North Tom Price Primary School was established at the end of 2015 and is proudly supported by Rio Tinto.


Interested in joining the program?

Please contact North Tom Price Primary School on (08) 9189 1299

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