Roebourne Learning Club

The Roebourne After School Learning Club has been delivering educational opportunities for students in Year 1 to 6 at Roebourne District High School since 2013. 

The Learning Club is held two afternoons per week and, after kicking off with a healthy afternoon snack, offers hands-on, targeted learning experiences centered on student interest and engagement.

The program integrates numeracy, literacy, and personal development through STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) based activities, such as robots, coding, electric circuits, food sciences and so much more. The learning activities are different but complimentary to the school's in-class curriculum, helping students to become more engaged in the classroom.


The Learning Club encourages school attendance, improves student-teacher and student-student relationships, and builds positive attitudes towards education and school. 

As well as focusing on academic enrichment, the Club also helps students to develop the self-confidence and resilience to not only take full advantage of all educational opportunities but to also become young leaders in their school and community.

Through the Club's open door policy, it strives to encourage as much support and involvement as possible from families and local community. Program partners Rio Tinto and the North West Shelf Project Partners have supported the Learning Club since it was launched and remain actively involved in the program's key milestones.

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Interested in joining the program?

Please contact Roebourne District High School on (08) 9182 1244

Location Partners

Rio Tinto
North West Shelf Partners

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