STEM Centres enhance and enrich the learning outcomes and capabilities of Indigenous students who have interests and/or an aptitude towards Maths, Science, Technology and Engineering learning areas.

The after-school program provides hands-on learning experiences, challenges and inquiry tasks.

Students experience “hands on” problem based investigations that develop inquiry skills and content knowledge. Learning activities include conducting experiments, engineering and mathematical challenges, collaborative tasks and exploring new technologies. Students meet and work with a wide range of people engaged in STEM related vocations to raise awareness of future career pathways.

Students learn about Indigenous perspectives, go on excursions and camps, and learn from experts. These academic and extra-curricular opportunities inspire student learning and curiosity, foster potential, and broaden career interests in STEM.


How do I enrol in a STEM Centre?

  • Check out our locations map and list below to see if there is a STEM Centre in your area
  • Contact the host school who will connect you with the dedicated Program Coordinator who manages the Centre and liaises with parents/carers
  • Not in your area? Chat to your school about inviting the Foundation to set up a STEM Centre so Indigenous students in the area can get involved with exciting experiments and excursions

Current STEM Centre locations

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