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Polly Farmer Foundation are pleased to announce the recipients of their Motorola Solutions Foundation STEM Scholarships. In total 7 full scholarships and 4 part scholarships were awarded to students studying a range of STEM related degrees. Many thanks to Motorola’s general manager mining and energy Pamela Italiano and senior field engineer Derek Bantum for generously offering the use of the Motorola head office to hold a morning tea where recipients were presented with certificates. The successful recipients were:

– Brittney Andrew (Mt Lawley FTD) Post Grad Medicine
– Tyrina Garstone (Broome FTD) Bachelor of Science (Environ Eng Systems)
– Khan John (Broome FTD) Bachelor of Science (Engineering)
– Tom Callow (Esperance FTD) Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)
– Brodie O’Breza (Manjimup FTD) Bachelor of Science (Science)
– Regan Gittins (Governor Stirling FTD) Bachelor of Bio-Medical Science
– Taleah Ugle (Albany FTD) Bachelor of Bio-Medical Science
– Will Peucker (Esperance FTD) Bachelor of Science (Science)
– Jai Spencer (Esperance FTD) Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
– Amos Smith (Albany FTD) Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)
– Ronald Malicevic (Carnarvon FTD) Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)

The Motorola scholarship is intended to assist Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students, who are pursuing engineering, technology courses or related STEM courses at a university across Australia. This scholarship is available to students who participated in PFF’s ‘Follow the Dream’ program and registered as a PFF Alumni member. A full scholarship is valued at $10,000 and part scholarship at $5,000.

To view the full details of all scholarship recipients download the PFF 2022 Motorola STEM scholarships handout here.

Motorola STEM Scholarship | PFF

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