CAAMA - Roebourne Learning Club: Celebrating Five Years


The Roebourne Learning Club - Celebrating Five Years

The Roebourne Learning Club has recently held their five year anniversary. The city and surrounding area of Roebourne is the location of the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation's very first program, launched in 1997 with students from Karratha, Roebourne and Wickham.

The Club itself is an after-school program for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander primary school students looking to encourage enthusiasm for learning, improve literacy and numeracy skills. It also encourages school attendance, and celebrates culture and heritage through attending the club. 

Demi Row, the Club's program Co-ordinator spoke to CAAMA's Philippe Perez in the below audio. 

The Roebourne Learning Club is partnered by Rio Tinto and the North West Shelf Partners (represented by Woodside).

Listen here

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