COVID-19 update: Keeping our programs connected and supported

Media release

Keeping our programs connected and supported

During these challenging times, the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation remains resolutely focused on our commitment to support the thousands of Aboriginal students in our programs across Australia.

We are following the COVID-19 situation closely and are taking action to support our students, staff, and communities. Our key focus is to provide a safe place of work for our teams and to protect the health of students and wider stakeholders in our programs around the country.

We are committed to helping our students remain fully engaged in learning, motivated about their studies, and connected with their school community.

Where it is agreed that schools can now operate, we are working closely with host schools and Education Departments to ensure that a COVID-19 Management Plan is in place to ensure our systems and processes are consistent with school guidance, government directives, and expert medical advice. Safety and health come first as we continue to deliver our educational programs, be that online, remotely or in school.

While schools have been closed, we have not been standing still. We reacted quickly to develop innovative ways to help our students and teams feel supported and connected. The below is just a small selection of some of the ways we have continued to provide our programs during these unprecedented times:

  • Weekly vodcasts – ‘Brought to you by Follow The Dream’
  • Home-delivered Learning Packages
  • ‘Connect Flexible Class’ – a platform to communicate with students, families and tutors
  • Interactive online tutoring to connect students and tutors around the country
  • Youtube tutoring videos
  • Online mentoring sessions

We thank our fantastic team of Program Coordinators for all their creativity, networking and collaboration. Their incredible efforts have helped to keep our students safe, healthy and equipped to deal with this challenging period.

The Foundation acknowledges and thanks our corporate, government and philanthropic partners for their strong encouragement and unwavering support over recent weeks. This support is vital in enabling us to sustain our programs and will ensure that the organisation emerges strongly on the other side of the pandemic.

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