Kim Farmer

Patron and Board Secretary

The long-term success of the Foundation is a source of great pride for our family and demonstrates the huge impact my father continues to have off-the-field. We can see first-hand how the Foundation has helped thousands of Aboriginal students and their families. I have no doubt that the Foundation’s incredible work will continue to carry out for many years my father’s vision of helping young Aboriginal people follow their dreams.

Kim Farmer is the daughter of Polly Farmer, football legend and patron of the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation. Kim has been a proud supporter of the Foundation for many years and currently serves as Secretary of the Board.

Kim is a Noongar woman and has extensive experience working in a number of industries, including law (as a Barrister and Solicitor for the Aboriginal Legal Service and as a Sole Legal Practitioner); Native Title and Land Heritage; government; and not-for-profit Aboriginal organisations. Kim is currently a criminal defense lawyer with Farmer Legal.

Kim Farmer and Polly mural.JPG